This assignment was horrible it was short but so annoying.

This review is only gonna have one reason 


Try this website out and see for yourself or dont

P.S. The second option is better

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Why I oughta 

Resumes they are so… ARRGHHH, If you’ve ever tried to get a job you know what im talking about they are a pain. So a random person who you’ve probally never met is going to judge you’re qualifications for a job you’re begging them for and decide if you’re going to have a job or not these blasted resumes are the death of all chances of getting a job just ARRGHH

If you’re going to create a resumes here’s four tips 

1. never pad you’re resumes you’re bound to get found out as the company will research you’re past 

2. Don’t make spelling errors they just make you look bad and there usually the first resumes to go in the trash 

3. There is such a thing as over qualified if you aren’t getting jobs but you were something like junoir vice president and you’re applying for a warehouse job you’re going to get denyed as you are to important to work in a warehouse

4. Don’t put filler in you’re resumes, things like mowed neighbors lawn are okay for you’re first job but after that it’s not okay and just looks bad

okay now that you’ve heard me grip and looked at my tips you know that these things are evil they stop people from getting job’s


Hmm no wonder unemployments so high.


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Ughh timelines, Give me a break, timelines are the bain of my exisistance

Their just so annoying, They are needless assignments that just kill time. I spent so much time on this thing and i dont even know if the link i emailed will work.

now if you guys have a time line due dont hesitate get that thing done you’ll be all the happier.

Now I can rant and rave about these things for hours or… i can rant about how they dont keep dates in our minds even when there main purpose

is to help us remember stuff.

Bottom line, THEY DONT WORK!!!

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Tech Tips

There’s this great site called 180 tech tips

it tells you 180 great things about your computer  so if you’ve got a family member that wont get off your back

about settting up a computer show them this site

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Its best thing ever invented

USE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Copyright law

copyright law is a law that prevents you from copying someones creative work by right of law

heh heh theres a pun in there im telling you i dont do that punintentionally 

but copyright law is a big deal youve definatly seen the thing at the begining of every movie

you know 250,000 $ and 5 years prison.

yeah everyones seen that well if youd like to go on to the spicefics of copyright law check out 21t4s or contact me thru the comment board.


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christmas vacation

My new years resolution, TO BLOG MORE

Sheesh i really got to get on top of this so sorry guys ill try to blog more from now on, so my christmas vacation was awsome if you guys follow me on you know im a huge video game finatic especially for retro consoles. this year i scored big time i got a plug and play sega genisis with 80 games prebuilt in. i also got an atari flashback with 74 games prebuilt in. 

also because i live in an area that gets a lot of lake effect snow my school had a snow day the day before break and two after break, because of the long break i cought up on my youtube so many videos each day but i also dont like all the things they upload protomario one of my favourite youtubers has gon totally maverik so he hasent been the same.

i know its kinda wierd to end at this note but i gotta 

bye 🙂


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sorry i havent been bloging in a while ive been playing on go animate a great educational sight and yes my teacher is making me type that on go animate you can make videos well byyyyeee

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Today since its getting close to Christmas i figure ill do a post that’s a little different,

im going to say who and what i would give something and moneys no problem.

hmmmm i don’t know……. wait of course you see i saw in the news this morning that a women in Chicago murder three people in a Walmart over the last Xbox one.

a psychologist,(how ironic) a chemistry teacher, and a pregnant 19 year old.

the women is sitting at 26 years in prison, but that’s a rant for another day.

okay i would give all three families 50,000 dollars each and a nice funeral for each of them to compensate.

but then there’s the unborn baby yeah she’s sitting five years for abortion.

so what i think id do is give them the chance to adopt a baby for the loss.

Sniff… that’s all for today

merry Christmas 🙂 

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Thanksgiving break

well what did i do on thanksgiving break,

Hmmmmmmm….. well id have to say that all i did was watch football and eat.

WAIT!!! i almost forgot my grandmother got a Chihuahua and that thing is tiny its smaller than a football its head is the size of a golf ball

and he still thought he had a chance with my chocolate Labrador,

she’s the size of a small bike

that’s all for today


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