Today since its getting close to Christmas i figure ill do a post that’s a little different,

im going to say who and what i would give something and moneys no problem.

hmmmm i don’t know……. wait of course you see i saw in the news this morning that a women in Chicago murder three people in a Walmart over the last Xbox one.

a psychologist,(how ironic) a chemistry teacher, and a pregnant 19 year old.

the women is sitting at 26 years in prison, but that’s a rant for another day.

okay i would give all three families 50,000 dollars each and a nice funeral for each of them to compensate.

but then there’s the unborn baby yeah she’s sitting five years for abortion.

so what i think id do is give them the chance to adopt a baby for the loss.

Sniff… that’s all for today

merry Christmas 🙂 

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