christmas vacation

My new years resolution, TO BLOG MORE

Sheesh i really got to get on top of this so sorry guys ill try to blog more from now on, so my christmas vacation was awsome if you guys follow me on you know im a huge video game finatic especially for retro consoles. this year i scored big time i got a plug and play sega genisis with 80 games prebuilt in. i also got an atari flashback with 74 games prebuilt in. 

also because i live in an area that gets a lot of lake effect snow my school had a snow day the day before break and two after break, because of the long break i cought up on my youtube so many videos each day but i also dont like all the things they upload protomario one of my favourite youtubers has gon totally maverik so he hasent been the same.

i know its kinda wierd to end at this note but i gotta 

bye 🙂


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