Why I oughta 

Resumes they are so… ARRGHHH, If you’ve ever tried to get a job you know what im talking about they are a pain. So a random person who you’ve probally never met is going to judge you’re qualifications for a job you’re begging them for and decide if you’re going to have a job or not these blasted resumes are the death of all chances of getting a job just ARRGHH

If you’re going to create a resumes here’s four tips 

1. never pad you’re resumes you’re bound to get found out as the company will research you’re past 

2. Don’t make spelling errors they just make you look bad and there usually the first resumes to go in the trash 

3. There is such a thing as over qualified if you aren’t getting jobs but you were something like junoir vice president and you’re applying for a warehouse job you’re going to get denyed as you are to important to work in a warehouse

4. Don’t put filler in you’re resumes, things like mowed neighbors lawn are okay for you’re first job but after that it’s not okay and just looks bad

okay now that you’ve heard me grip and looked at my tips you know that these things are evil they stop people from getting job’s


Hmm no wonder unemployments so high.


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